A Marriage of Flea Market Finds: Jasper and Turquoise Howlite

If you follow my Facebook page at all, you will notice my love of (dare I say addiction) to Flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, thrift store finds, and hand me down beads. I have a bit of trouble walking away from cast off beads that need a new home. Who else is going to take care of them?

Don’t get me wrong, I can also spend full price for beads at bead shops, shows, and online, but finding a fantastic set of vintage lucite or a bright strand of unused beads at the flea market make my heart go pitter patter in a very happy way.

A recent vintage find at a local flea was this set of Coro Amber Lucite beads, necklace and matching earrings. They came in the original department store box and included the original receipts and tags. They were sold very quickly once I posted them on my fan page.

Went to a very happy home in Boston.

Went to a very happy home in Boston.

Though I do love the rare finds like that, I also love creating something with beads that have never before used. Lots of flea market vendors have new old stock. Meaning they opened a crate at a storage facility and found someone’s bead stock from the 80s or 90s or hope upon hope much earlier. Or they bought out the contents of someone else’s booth and just want to get rid of the stuff.

Though I do run across flea market bead vendors who order stock at a low enough price that they make a profit off bead fanatics like me. I have at least one such vendor at each of the 3 main flea markets I visit. And they are the nicest people. Anyone who helps support a bead habit is a very nice person of course.

This was the recent haul at Websters’ Flea on a recent Holiday Monday. The flat Turquoise Howlite was my score of the day.

A successful day!

A successful day!

It took me a few days to figure out what to do with them. I have been on a rondelle kick lately. I have a bead vendor who supplies me some really good ones at the Flea market just a few miles from our house. Jasper is my favorite.

Jasper, jasper, jasper jasper!

Jasper, jasper, jasper jasper!

The jasper from above came in handy when making bracelets around Christmas. I sold quite a few bracelets. The one below is still available in my etsy store.

Picasso Jasper with repuposed gold tone chain.

Picasso Jasper with re-puposed gold tone chain.

So trying to use some of the ┬áJasper that I bought way too much of, I pulled out the flat Howlite found at Websters’ Flea in the loot pile above. This was the result.

Flat Turquoise Howlite with picture Jasper and antiqued copper tone chain.

Flat Turquoise Howlite with picture Jasper and antiqued copper tone chain.

With the exception of the antiqued copper tone chain, the beads all came from different flea markets. A marriage of flea market finds:)

I liked it so much I made a longer version.

Longer "marriage" of flea market beads.

Longer “marriage” of flea market beads.

Feel free to share how you have used different ingredients and materials from different local sources to create something unique!

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One Response to A Marriage of Flea Market Finds: Jasper and Turquoise Howlite

  1. Faye says:

    The vintage beads are very pretty, but I do really prefer the ‘natural stone’ look of the jasper. Love that bracelet!

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