Selling Old Stuff – Consigning Vintage

We all get in a comfortable rut, some (maybe me) more than others.

So when my in-laws sold their home and begin to send boxes and boxes (and boxes) of acquired treasure to my husband, I was forced out of my comfortable rut.

My husband has an established eBay store and grew up in the Auction business. His parents have decades of Auction leftover goodies put aside that they have been having my husband sell for the last few months. To say that our living space has been compromised would be fairly accurate and putting it very nicely.

Our compromised living space has gone through a few stages.

The boxes-just-arrived-and-unopened-but-are-quite-tempting stage.

The boxes-just-dug-through-randomly stage.

The photo-op stage. This involves every light being left on in every room where there is a flat surface. therefore all rooms. Guess who is leaving those lights on?

The half-this-stuff-is-online stage.

The taking-items-to-the-local-auction stage.

The sold-and-to-be-packed-once-paid stage.

The bags-of-packaged-goodies-by-the-door-to-go-to-the-post-office stage.

Through all of this, my role has been to keep my husband, our living space, and my sanity in order. This has not been an easy task, but like my mother-in-law I excel at organization.

Until two weeks ago when I started to wonder if things sell differently on etsy than on eBay. And boy do they.

My husband has the ebay store. I have the etsy store.

I sell handmade items on etsy. I had never sold vintage on etsy until I picked up a few pieces from my husband’s Photo-op pile. Or it may have been the half-this-stuff-is-online pile.

I picked this beauty up.

Lesson to self - always confirm the decade!

Lesson to self – always confirm the decade!

I did just enough research to be dangerous and I listed her as my first vintage item on etsy. She sold in 30 minutes. Huh. Well I might have shouted for my husband.

I listed this piece next. An incredible front back attention grabbing open back rhinestone necklace from the 1920s. I naively listed it as a 1950s piece and listed her $75 less than similar pieces. Lesson learned.

Droolworthy Rhinestone front back dangling necklace.

Droolworthy Rhinestone front back dangling necklace.

She sold in 20 minutes.

At this point my husband began to take items OFF of eBay and I started to put them ON etsy.

I also began to look around at the pretty vintage pieces I myself have collected over the years.

I wore this necklace once and decided another person may wear it more often. My good friend Pat at RememberThis educated me more on the piece several times so I continued to update the piece after posting it.

Victorian style Rococo Portrait Slide Necklace

Victorian style Rococo Portrait Slide Necklace

It took five days, but she sold.

I listed this necklace I had held onto for four years in hopes of using the beads.

Vintage Aurora Borealis Necklace

Vintage Aurora Borealis Necklace

Shortly after posting it as the necklace, my good friend Vicky asked me to adapt it from a double strand necklace to a single strand necklace with matching bracelet and earrings. So I did.

Aurora Borealis re-purposed.

Aurora Borealis re-purposed.

So I ended up using those beads after all.

Just when I think I got smart on one thing, another thing jumps up to educate me more.

So if you have visited my etsy shop before, you may want to visit it again. Lots of old stuff to look at now.



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2 Responses to Selling Old Stuff – Consigning Vintage

  1. Tracy says:

    It has been very interesting watching how quickly these beautiful vintage necklaces have been selling…..hope hubby is giving you a good commission ;-)

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