Adventures in Home Jewelry Parties

I have just finished hosting my 7th home jewelry party and it was by far the most entertaining of all events I have ever hosted. My stomach still hurts a bit from laughing so hard for so long.

It all started innocently. I invited two neighbors to also sell their crafts at the event. The two neighbors are sisters and they make me think of how my sister and I will be when we are in our 70s and living a stone’s throw from each other. A bit of a daunting thought. My husband might label it dangerous.

I always start the set-up of my party the day prior. Since my dining room and family room had been over-run by my husband’s eBay stock for the two weeks prior to the event, I had limited time to recapture the space.

At 3pm, the day before, Roma and her sister Phyllis descended upon my home with boxes of crafts, a card table, and extension cords. They proceeded to light up my living room like the National Lampoons Christmas. I sat and watched them while pricing all of my jewelry. The sister duo create beaded Ornaments and Decorations based on kits and adaptations of kits. They also knit boa like scarves that will be mentioned later in the post.

Unlit so as to preserve our power bill.

Unlit so as to preserve our power bill.

I had to hide one of their decorations overnight, because it was a motion activated bird in cage. I did not realize it was motion activated until I asked if they heard the chirping I heard and they proceeded to giggle like a couple old biddies (they label themselves, I just follow the lead).

The day of the party dawned cloudy and dreary, but I had made spinach dip to go with three bottles of wine so the weather was irrelevant.

The party was scheduled from 7 to 9pm. At 5:30 a guest called to tell me she could not attend as she was just diagnosed with shingles. I wished her the best of luck and tried to not take it as a bad sign.

At 6pm, the sister duo showed up to help me finish setting up, but by then all was ready. By 6:30 two more guests were already perusing the wares. These are the people who have been to my parties before. They have learned if you like something, grab that something up before someone else does. “Rachel only makes 1 or 2 of anything”.

At 6:45 I was repairing a bracelet in Beadland while keeping an ear out for the doorbell.

By 7pm, the first bottle of wine was already gone. Hmm.

By 7:15 the family and dining rooms were full of guests, favorite Aunts (2 by marriage, 1 by association), friends, and neighbors. Another sister to Roma and Phyllis was flirting shamelessly with my husband and the loot piles were growing. Thankfully there were no fights this time about who saw what first.

By 7:45, the women (and my husband) were spread around the couches and chairs, all the seating was occupied, the second bottle of wine was gone, the dip, candied almonds and cake had been pillaged and almost everyone had paid for their piles of loot.

Sold with the promise to make a matching bracelet.

Sold with the promise to make a matching bracelet.

Let the games begin. 14 people having 8 different conversations kept my head spinning. Everyone was laughing. Normally there is one cranky-bottom in every crowd, but none showed to this party.

The boa scarves were swung around suggestively by those whose hips were still in good working order. That prompted a handful of sales for Roma.

Requests for specific style jewelry were made… as seen on so and so at church or some tv show.

8:30 saw the trickle of those who had to go home to walk the dog before the coyotes starting coming out. Yes, that happens here in Florida. Cake was wrapped in napkins and sent home to husbands.

At 8:45, Roma and Phyllis’ other sister grabbed an enormous handful of candied almonds, gave my husband a suggestive wink, tossed her grey bouffant, and headed out the door to walk the six houses to her own home. ¬†At 9:00 she had gone missing and was not answering her phone.

My husband did the first search of the neighborhood and reported back that “there were women chatting at Pat’s house”, but no sign of Fern (the sister) anywhere else. By 9:10 Fern’s husband Charlie had called everyone on the block and he and my husband took off in the car. By 9:25, they had located her at Pat’s house… right where my husband had seen her. Another hmm.

At 9:30 when the last guest had left, we discovered these by the front door.

It may be 60 degrees out, but someone did not need their shoes to walk or drive home.

It may have been 60 degrees out, but someone did not need their shoes to walk or drive home.

Then I found these while doing the clean-up.

Also not needed for walking or driving home.

Also not needed for walking or driving home.

The next day was the bigger cleanup. Phyllis and Roma came by separately to pick up their unsold stock. Bits of cake were swept from under the couch. I created the bracelet to match the necklace above and all was back to normal.

Back to normal and very very quiet.


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3 Responses to Adventures in Home Jewelry Parties

  1. Faye says:

    Fern sounds like fun, as does whomever left their shoes by the door! So does living within a stone’s throw of your sister!

  2. Tracy says:

    Well it sounds like fun was had by all, and your husband just escaped with his life, lol.

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