Bead Definitions by Executive Beader

Everyone has their own personal slang. Some of it is adapted from those around them, how fast they are talking, and what they are doing.

I even have my own Beading dictionary. Since I am always busy beading, I did not bother putting this into alphabetic order.

Wire Cuss: The words emitted when you cut the beading wire too short for the piece at hand.

Wire Victim: The leftover beading that is too short for any good use.

Bead Trap (My Definition): Not cleaning up your work area between beading projects thus leading to the cumbersome and sometimes overwhelming trap of beads. Move carefully.

Bead Trap (My Husband’s Definition): Any venue that sells beads. This is usually the spouse’s more commonly used definition.

Beadmare: Any dream in which beads are lost or destroyed. Breathe deeply.

Bead Budget: A nefarious, unfounded, mysterious amount of money meant to set restrictions on creative freedom. I often use this in jest.

The Runaway Bead: The bead that no matter how you try to hold it will skitter away to parts unknown.

The Prison Break Bead: Rarely seen,this bead will show up in the bathroom, your closets, the kitchen floor all in an effort to drive you bonkers as it audibly bounces and rolls away to further parts unknown.

Bead Creative Genius: Humans have been making and using beads for thousands of years, so no design is every truly original. However the feeling of creative genius comes about when one has created something new to them or those around them.

On the Way: The correlation between any store that sells beads in relation to the destination of any road trip.

Commissioned Pieces: The jewelry that pays the bead shop bills, but takes six times as long with all that extra input.

Not-Shopping: Term for defining my activities when my husband is away for a day or more. This term may or may not be accurate.

Sales Tax Reporting: Those annoying reports I have to complete every three months even if I only have $2.16 to report.

A recent Bead Trap inspiring piece. Available in my Etsy store.

A recent Bead Trap inspiring piece. Available in my Etsy store.

Low on Beads (My definition): Having 1,737,352 beads, but not having the exact ones needed for the project in mind.

Low on Beads (Spousal definition): An excuse to buy more beads.

At Home Jewelry Party: An excuse to socialize with the neighbors

Let Me Just Finish this one piece: A reference of time no less than 30 minutes with at least one reminder.

What slang do you use?

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3 Responses to Bead Definitions by Executive Beader

  1. Lisa says:

    I have some of those pesky prison break beads, though at my house we call them invisi-beads. You can hear them, but you can never find them! Just in case Big Daddy Jeff views this comment, I must say that I am completely, totally unaware of anything resembling not-shopping!

  2. Tracy Rhynas says:

    Oh boy this made me laugh! Luckily I have never had a Beadmare – must be awful!! “Not much” is a euphimism in my bead dictionary for “bucket loads”, in reply to the often asked questions of “how much did you spend” and “how much did you buy”. Great post :-)

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